Maharashtrian Thecha (Spicy Green Chilli-Garlic Chutney)…spike and spark!

Maharashtrian Thecha (Spicy Green Chilli-Garlic Chutney)…when you need something to spike your day! Like every other chutney, this too has several different versions – mine comes from my friend N…do play around with the quantities and ingredients to zero in on “The One” that will bring a smile to your face, “The One” you will look forward to seeing at every meal, “The One” you will stick around with for a lifetime…“The One” you can call the spark of your life!! 🙂

Maharashtrian Thecha (Spicy Green Chilli-Garlic Chutney)

  • Fresh Green Chillies, 4 large or 8 small
  • Garlic Pods, peeled, 8
  • Raw Peanuts, 1/8 cup (or de-skinned ready roasted peanuts)
  • Oil, 1 tsp
  • Salt, to taste

Optional Ingredients (refer to notes)

  • Fresh Coriander, finely chopped, 1-2 tbsp
  • Fresh Coconut, scraped or finely grated, 1-2 tbsp
  • Cumin seeds, ½ tsp


Heat a non-stick pan on medium low heat. Add the peanuts and lightly dry roast till the colour changes, while stirring continuously.
Remove from heat, de-skin and keep aside.

Make a couple of slits in the chillies to avoid popping while roasting or cut them into 2-3 pieces each.

Heat ½ tsp oil in the same pan. Add the chilies to the pan and roast evenly till the skin blisters or chars slightly. Remove and let cool.

Heat the remaining ½ tsp oil to the pan and roast the garlic till you see black-brown spots on the garlic. Remove and let cool. 

Once cooled, lightly pound the roasted green chillies and garlic together with the peanuts and some salt in a mortar and pestle to attain a coarse consistency (alternatively you can use ‘pulse’ function and grind it in mini food processor or a blender – just ensure the consistency remains coarse)

Thecha can be stored in the refrigerator for about 3-4 days in an air-tight container.

Traditionally eaten with Jawar Bhakris or Rotis, but also works very well with puri or parantha of any kind. 


  • For a nut free version, feel free to skip peanuts and use coconut instead.
  • The potency of the chillies here reduces after storing – hottest when eaten fresh.
  • Choose the kind of chilies that work for you – hot, medium hot or mild. The roasted blistered skin adds enough flavour even if using mild chillies.
  • If it turns out too spicy/hot, add coriander, coconut or lime juice to tone it down.

If you want to add

  1. Coriander – add fresh finely chopped while grinding
  2. Coconut – add freshly grated while grinding
  3. Cumin – roast lightly with the garlic first and then grind with the rest of the ingredient



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